About us

Preparation, production, distribution, packaging and distribution, purchase, sale and export and import of all pharmaceutical raw materials, including combined, chemical and herbal and food and dietary and cosmetic supplements, purchase and sale and export and import of all kinds of supplies and Machinery, equipment, devices and parts for pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory, study and development on the subject of the company’s activity, obtaining and granting representation to reputable domestic and foreign companies, providing consulting services to set up production factories and related products in If necessary, after obtaining the necessary licenses, buying and selling and exporting and importing all authorized commercial goods, participating in tenders, contracts and public and private auctions, participating in conferences and setting up a company booth in all valid domestic and international clearance exhibitions From domestic and foreign customs, concluding contracts with all natural and legal persons after obtaining the necessary licenses according to necessity, distribution, distribution and support, buying and selling, exporting and importing all raw materials of combined, chemical, herbal and complementary drugs, if necessary. Obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities, the right to cooperate in buying and selling and importing And exports of all pharmaceutical raw materials, combined, chemical, herbal and supplement drugs and all authorized commercial goods, establishing branches and agencies in and outside the country. The company, using its experienced and specialized staff in the field of import and export of pharmaceutical raw materials and products, has been able to provide reputable agencies around the world, as well as the purchase of raw materials to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. It also exports its products to units around the world.